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- James Atherton RIP 

“Picking up a copy of this book is like being accosted by the Ancient Mariner”

Looking for Prince Charles's Dog

Looking for Prince Charles's Dog front cover

4.8 stars out of 5 from 10 reviews on Amazon

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When the future king of Great Britain’s dog goes missing, Clive Travis PhD, a scientist working on secret government defence projects, goes looking for it. He soon finds himself drawn into a magical and mysterious high tech "MTRUTH" world of longstanding Anglo-Soviet conspiracy, espionage, witchcraft and the peace process in Ireland. But can, indeed should, he realise this world is no more than the product of his own mind and the condition he is suffering – paranoid schizophrenia? Is it possible for Dr Travis to shatter the delusional conspiracy and make a real contribution to the peace negotiations? And can he find himself in the process? This existential voyage through mental illness in search of a £10,000,000 donation to charity is a right Royal dog hunt and Travis's tour de force.

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